Deal with Mold Removal Before Listing Your Home

It may be nearly impossible to sell your home when there's any signs of mold. That means not just the visual presence of mold, but also the telltale lingering odor that's often present. The problem is that you might not even understand that your house has mold. You may have become"nose blind" to the odors having been around it as it gradually grew into existence within an unseen portion of your home -- behind a wall, in the attic, or in the crawlspace. Waiting till a buyer's home inspector discovers that it really isn't the best plan for managing mold. You should seek mold removal before you list your home. Here is why:

Stigmatism -- Once it's known in the real estate business that your house has had mold removal, it can be difficult to get beyond the stigmatism. Do not think for a moment that realtors don't talk about these items at their networking events, especially if the mold was extensive.
Missing Buyer -- Most buyers under contract will probab…

Foundation Water Damage & Tips To Guard Against It

What are you doing right now to secure your home's base from water damage? There are, sadly, far too many Americans who'd probably reply,"Nothing". And that is a real shame if you believe the base of a home is arguably the most significant part it.

If you want to maintain your house's base strong for a long time to come, it is important for you to keep water far, far away from it. Foundation water damage can cause cracking to occur, which can weaken your base and compromise the safety and security of your property. You can safeguard your home's base by preventing water from coming into contact with it from the outside. You might even take action to prevent moisture from building up in your cellar and affecting your foundation from the interior.

Here are some tips to assist you stay away from foundation water damage.
Clean and Maintain Your Gutters Regularly
We understand what you're probably thinking:"What in the world do my gutters have to do with …